A Bank Holiday Weekend to remember…

One of the strengths of our UK Icelandic Horse Chat group is the support it offers our widespread members wherever they are in the world, whatever they are doing. This weekend has been successful and very diverse. There will be more detailed articles in the next Set the Pace magazine, but for now its great to celebrate alongside the individuals.


Elaine Rannie https://www.facebook.com/elaine.rannie/posts/10157107361534020

We did it! 
Thanks to everyone who sponsored Sara and I for our Ride for Research today. 
We completed 30kms in a respectable 2h 36m and raised over £350 for cancer research. 
Once again I’m very proud of my girl 😍 thanks to Kelly Thomas and Jenny Kidd for their company – we had a blast!

Foreign Breed Showing

Kathryn Wogan

Reykur mature foreign breed 4th
Foreign breed grass kept AOTS 2nd
Foreign breed dilute 1st
Gaited horse 1st 
(All in hand)
Mature mare foreign breed 2nd
Best body condition grass kept
Broken coat 3rd
Gaited 2nd
Congratulations Kathryn Wogan and Nina Wietek

Lynn Jarvis, the organiser commented on Kathryn’s post –

Both were brilliant. Great to see the Icies in with all the other breeds as well in the open type classes and holding their own too. Hopefully we can entice more of you to join Kath next year (24th May, same venue) – it’s the 25th anniversary of our Association so every competitor gets a anniversary keepsake award too.

We have it in the diary.


Oval Track Competition

Aidan Carson

Was it a bird? Was it an airplane?
No, it was our fast young riders in P2! With the time of 7,82’ wins Aidan Carson and Ódinn from Inchree.

In Fivegait combination for YR the best one was Aidan Carson riding Blída frá Fögruhlid.
He was more than thrilled taking home the pink wheelbarrow sponsored by Hörby Bruk. 
Best junior was Malte Cook Simonsen who got home 3 bags of müsli from Equsana.

Charlotte Cook

Malte Cook

P2 and the flying horses (and riders) are taking over Margaretehof!
Fastest junior today was Viktor Vignisson Elgholm riding Dreki från Lind.
Second place Malte Cook Simonsen who also was rewarded with judges feather prize for good and harmonious riding sponsored by RideQ. 

Regional Shows

Rachel Mackinnon



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