Summer Tölt Series

After the success of the Multi-Centre Multi Event Winter Tölt Series various centres have got together to join in with Shona Stewart’s proposal of a combined online and in-person Multi-Centre, Multi Event Summer Tölt Series.

As the Icelandic Horse Community in the UK continues to grow, we are really fortunate in the UK now to have a wide range of active event organisers. (see list below – I hope I haven’t missed anyone.)

As with the Winter Tölt Series, Set the Pace will be running a monthly leader board for the Summer Tölt Series for Non-FIPO events (Have-A-Go shows, fun shows, Tolt Online, Tölt Club and VIHc online competitions)


you can borrow an Oval Track and someone will help you film (dates will be advertised) – or mow one yourself in a field and get together with some friends and film it, submit it to whichever online judge suits best (unless you invite one to your event), get it marked and submit them to the Summer Tölt Series via Set the Pace – did we miss anyone?

Hopefully we can give everyone in the UK who would like to be a part of gaited competitions an opportunity to join in and a chance for some friendly competition – the more you enter, the more likely you are to win.

Mostly its a way to make training and exercise fun if you are an amateur competitor and to support and cheer each other on in a fun social way.

We will be awarding monthly rosettes and an overall prize at the end of the season (after the Oakfield September Show unless there are events planned later than that). Your scores at both online and in-person events will count. So get entering….

Subscribed in-person events so far:

Pinchbeck Easter Eggstravaganza (April 20th – Lincolnshire)
Oakfield Spring Show (4th – 5th May – Dorset)
Oakfield Summer Fun Course with Mic Rushen (12th July – Dorset)
Ingleby Hall Icelandic Summer Camp with Rebekah Spowage (28th July Lincolnshire)

There are more events in the pipeline and you can take part online every month….

Devon & Cornwall Icelandics (Harriet Vincent)
Dragon Riders (Mic Rushen – Wales)
Houlls Horses & Hounds , (Dorothy Sales – Shetland Isles)
Halfkey Icelandic Horses (Lu Crawford – online covers whole country)
Ice Dragons Equestrian (Peter and Kath Heathcote)
Icelandic Horses in Scotland (Lothians)-IHSGB Affiliated (Delia Marriott)
Icelandic Horse Society of Great Britan (FEIF registered body for governance of UK Sport Competitions & Breeding)
Ingleby Hall Livery (Rebekah Spowage )
Oakfield Farm – Verwood Dorset (Nick Foot- Mo Hall, Verwood, Dorset)
Old Hills Icelandics (Ian & Fi Pugh- Malvern, Worcester)
South Central Icelandic Horse (Barry Laker/Thalia Colyer, covers Hampshire, IOW, West Sussex, Surrey,  East Dorset, Wiltshire & Berkshire.)
Take it Isi (Gundula Sharman, Shona Stewart)
Tölting Angles (Dave & Ann Savage – Pinchbeck Icelandic Horses, Lincolnshire)
Tölt.Club (Mo Hall, Shona Stewart, online hub for coaching & competition, worldwide)
Viking Raiders of the East (Karen Smith – Lincolnshire & Yorkshire)
Viking Horses of Yorkshire – IHSGB Affiliated (Bethany AF)


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