Introducing our Scottish Unicorns

You may have noticed a flurry of Go Fund Me pages mysteriously appearing on the chat group over the last couple of days. Good on them for getting on the case quickly and now I am running to catch up again. In our last blog post you will have read that we are co-hosting a young riders camp with Rebekah Spowage (Ingleby Hall Livery), Ann Savage (Pinchbeck Icelandic Horses) Mary Concannon (Click That Horse) and Mic Rushen (Solva Icelandic Horses). Our young riders fund is covering transport and chaperone costs for anyone in the UK but the young riders themselves still have to find the cost of their camp (£200) and the Shetland Girls are doing it in style and with a lot of success already even though the Go Fund Me pages have only been up a short while.

Scottish Unicorns

Rhiannon & Alisha Taylor – tough when you have two Icelandic horse mad girls and you live at the far end of the country!

Freya Masson is the third member of our Scottish Unicorn team so far.

Alex Lane has kindly agreed to Chaperone the girls on their journey from Shetland and Becca Laidlaw is joining us at the camp from her travels (Thailand I think it is) to return them all safely to Shetland after the camp.

Although its still a couple of months away, as you can imagine, the logistics are an interesting challenge but it is fantastic to see the energy, enthusiasm and support everyone is putting in to make our Four Nations Young Riders camp a success. If you would like to help them on their way, click on the links and put a little in the pot. Remember you can come and join in the adult camp or if you are under 17 you can come along too. The booking form is here. Adult Booking here.


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