Ingleby Hall Young Riders Camp 2019

Over the last 18 months there has been a large influx of new people to the Icelandic horse world, so much so that last summer we held a very successful beginners camp at Oakfield Farm in Dorset.

This year FEIF have a youth camp in Iceland and that was met with huge enthusiasm by our ever increasing band of young riders. Only two places were available so our chat group got together and decided to see what we could do about that. Rebekah Spowage and Ann Savage had already teamed up for an Adult Icelandic Horse Camp at Ingleby Hall in Lincoln and as Ann had missed out on the camp last year and the February Young Rider event had to be cancelled, we decided that we this might be the opportunity we were looking for.

The idea has met with huge support and Mary Concannon, Mic Rushen, Rebekah and Ann are all offering their coaching services to our young riders over the weekend of the 27th & 28th July with various unaccompanied youngsters travelling from all corners of the UK to meet at Ingleby Hall that week. We have young riders from as far apart as Shetland and Devon at the moment, Solva in Wales and Mary brings our Irish nationality to make our fourth nation and our camp theme. The young riders have chosen their team emblems and the programme is under development. You can read more and see how far we have got by downloading the draft information document and if you wish to book a young rider place, please fill in the Booking Form. If you wish to book an adult place, please contact Rebekah at Ingleby Hall.


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