Warming the Winter Cockles

Our January joint challenge with Halfkey Icelandic Horses was a Way Back When photo challenge inviting the chat group members to talk about their first experience with horses. It was intended just to be something everyone could join in through the often quiet, wet, cold, grey days of January.

I had expected pictures of the photos on people’s walls and in their photo albums which was what we got, in droves. The response and the quality was far higher in general than I imagined it would be. So much so that I decided it was worth the effort to make a supplement to the magazine. Its also quiet, wet, cold and grey here at Oakfield in January and I don’t much enjoy winter so the distraction was welcome.

So many amazing photos and stories with an obvious outright winner. Jennifer Greaves who rode Icelandic horses in the UK before she could walk. A fantastic personal glimpse, both into her personal history, that of her mother, her daughter Liz & granddaughter Pippa and our collective love for the Icelandic horse.

Maike Ahlgrimm was runner up for her amazing Gymnastic exploits alongside Sharon Tomlinson who posted the most beautiful black and white pictures of her first horse experiences at Mereside Riding School. As part of the online conversations that followed the challenge, it turns out that Sharon still has her current Icelandic horses Lettir & Stjarni at the same stables. Amazing to have such a long standing relationship with one place. Sharon wrote the most moving response to her prizes and I asked if I could share it here.

I was curious about Mereside, of course! I spoke to the site administrator and asked if I could have a quick peep into their insights onto Sharon’s photos. Another lovely warm and caring horsey family over about 50 years – amazing and so lovely to see.

Thank you all for taking time to share your experiences with us, we are lucky to have such a warm and supportive Icelandic horse community in the UK and its great to know that there are other such supportive online communities out there.

We send our love to Sharon and hope that the progress continues to be good with her chemo. Love you Shazza. Lu summed up all our best wishes for you.


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