International Day of the Icelandic Horse 1st May 2019

After the fantastic response we had last year to the International Day of the Icelandic Horse we are joining in again. The next edition of Set the Pace will be released on 1st May and will contain a supplement of all your best photographs of your Icelandic Horses from 2018 (or earlier if you have not submitted them before). The winner will be the cover photo for the e-magazine and the 2019 Celebrating the Icelandic horse memory book.

Horses of Iceland, the government funded organisation which promotes Icelandic Horses around the world has also suggested Icelandic horse owners might like to hold an Open day at their stable or field and invite selected friends to come and meet their Icelandics up close.

Set the Pace are supporting this initiative and are offering personalised flyers to be given out as invitations and a copy of the 2018 memory book which you can raffle to help raise funds for our Young Riders who are hoping to go to the FEIF Youth Camp in Iceland this year.

We have about a dozen young people 14-17 who have expressed an interest in going to the camp. Set the Pace have a young riders fund which we will be match funding the money our young riders raise towards the costs of the camp. Please support our young riders and consider whether you would like to hold an open day to help promote the breed.


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