14/11/2018 – I would ride 1000 miles…

Elaine Rannie has done just that and in only 7 months on her Icelandic horses.  She calls them her 3 amigos.  When I messaged her after she posted on the Icelandic Horse Chat UK Fb group she wrote:

“Back in April 2017 Your Horse Magazine launched a new initiative “designed to inspire horse riders everywhere to saddle up and explore the British countryside. The goal? Hack 1000 miles in a year”.     I first heard of this earlier this year, signed up and started my journey on the 12th April 2018.  On 10th October I reached my goal!
To be honest I love nothing more than spending time with the “three amigos” as my horses are affectionately known. Left to right Sara 18, Orka 8 and Moðnir 10.
I am lucky that despite living in a relatively built up area, just over 8 miles from Newcastle upon Tyne, we have miles and miles of off road riding from country parks to fields to woodland trails, disused railway tracks and a beach or two! I have a couple of good friends who come and ride with me so the horses have probably done over 1500 miles between them in the same period.
They love to get out and about whether it’s all three together, in pairs or one at a time but I have to admit I always enjoy it when we get all three out at the same time – nothing better than Icelandic’s together.
I ride 4 or 5 times a week whatever the weather – like most of us these days I have a busy job so I find it’s great stress relief. All the troubles of the day fade away when on horseback!
My favourite time of the day is early morning when the sun is rising, the birds are singing and we hardly ever see another soul.
Here’s to the next 1000 miles!”
Amazing!  Long may you continue to enjoy the fantastic scenery and serene company of your lovely horses.

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